Keeping the most from your sale is about just three things…
1. Avoid Costly Mistakes

So avoiding mistakes is really about Protecting your equity from being needlessly eroded.

Your best protection is to simply avoid mistakes and traps in the first place. But that’s pretty hard to do if you’re unaware of them. Which is why in other ‘high stakes’ situations many of us choose to engage the services of a professional. An expert guiding us through the minefield. Looking out for our best interests. Empowering us to make more informed decisions.

The Problem:

Traditionally real estate does not operate as a Profession (protecting and serving it’s clients). It’s a Commission-driven Sales Industry.

So we restated real estate as a ‘Professional Service’. Fundamentally changing our core purpose from Selling you to Serving you. From Persauding you to Protecting you. Pushing to Guiding. Pitching to Advising. Closing to Recommending. Slick-talk to straight-talk. From focussing on maximizing our commission to being focussed on maximizing your net sale proceeds.

2. Maximise Your Price
The Problem:

Many of the methods, systems and tactics used by the sales industry to secure a commission, can actually reduce your final sale price.

So we guide you through what’s really important. An evidenced based and proven process that, if followed and well executed, will ensure you don’t undersell and give you the best chance of achieving a premium.

3. Minimise Your Costs
The Problem:

Traditionally you can’t. Because commissions are a bundled, one-size-fits-all fee based solely on the value of your property. This removes your power of choice, along with your ability to reduce your selling costs. It’s why you pay the same high fee even when your property sells easily. It’s why higher-valued sellers pay more for exactly the same service. And it’s why sellers are paying extra to subsidise the time, effort and expenes the industry loses working for non-sellers.

The Solution: Fairer fees based on the actual work and outgoing cost needed to serve only you. Giving you the ability to radically reduce your selling expenses. Because you’re not subsidising work done for other people, you don’t pay way more just because your property is worth more, and the easier your property sells – the less work & outgoing costs needed on your behalf – the lower your fees – the more you end up with.

That’s it.

Avoid traps that needlessly rob your equity, achieve the highest sale price possible, while also keeping your selling expenses as low as possible = the most in your hand.

But the way the industry traditionally operates makes it impossible for us to help you achieve all three.

So we developed a new approach that does.

Now proven by hundreds sellers. And in almost every single case it’s outperformed the old model on the metric that counts:

Dollars left in your pocket.

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