Keeping the most from your sale requires three things…

  1. The Highest Sale Price

Achieving a premium is not a matter of luck, it can be engineered.

So we guide you through the six steps, that if followed and well-executed will extract the highest price possible.

2. The Lowest Selling Costs

We can’t reduce your selling fees with percentage-based commissions. So we redesigned a more efficient business model with fairer fees – based on the actual work and outgoing costs needed to serve only you.

Giving you the ability to radically reduce your selling costs because:

  • You’re not subsidising work done for other people.
  • You don’t pay way more just because your property is worth more.
  • The easier your property sells = less work needed on your behalf = lower fees = more left in your pocket.

3. Avoid Costly Mistakes
Mistakes and traps can needlessly reduce your sale price, increase your selling costs, or both. Either way, they erode your net sale proceeds. Sadly, they’re often what we call ‘hidden losses’, as sellers don’t even realise they’ve dropped thousands of dollars.

Your best protection from costly mistakes is to simply avoid them in the first place. But first, you need to be aware of them. So we’ve put together this guide to help open your eyes.

That’s it.

  1.  Follow proven steps to achieve the highest sale price possible.
  2.  Keep your selling expenses as low as possible.
  3.  While avoiding traps that negatively affect 1 and 2.

That’s how clients are selling for top prices, with fees that average 36% less than typical % commissions.

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