Keeping the most from your sale is about just three things:

Avoid Costly Mistakes
The biggest losses sellers suffer, are due to fundamental mistakes and traps. Sometimes they reduce your selling price, sometimes they increase your selling costs. Sometimes both. But either way, they strip your equity, leaving you less in your pocket.
Sadly, many of them are laid by the traditional commission driven industry.
Your best protection is to avoid them in the first place. But first, you either need to be aware of them, or need someone protecting you from them. Which is why we’ve rejected the sales culture and restated real estate as a professional service – putting your best interests front and centre.
Keep the most
Maximise Your Price
There are lots of things that affect your final price. Many – like the economic climate, the number of buyers in the market and amount of competition – are outside of your control.  There are also gimmicks and tactics used by the commission-driven industry that don’t, in fact, increase your price. Some even detract from your end result.
After years of research and experience, we’ve boiled it down to its core. A five-step process that, if followed and well executed, is proven to extract the absolute best price possible.

Bottom line, the choices you make about your sale, are yours. However smart decisions can only be made with the right information. As they say, “Knowledge is power”. So we suggest that, if maximum profit is a priority, then do as much research as you possibly can. It’s this willingness to do so that sets our clients and their results, apart.

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Minimise Your Costs
Once you’ve avoided costly mistakes and done everything possible to extract the best price, the only other way to increase your profit… is to reduce your expenses.
The problem is, it’s impossible to do with traditional commissions.
So we developed and tested more efficient alternatives. Settling on what we believe is the fairest real estate fee structure on the planet (for you & us). One based on the actual work and outgoing costs needed only on your behalf. Meaning the less work needed by us – the less you pay – the more you keep. So far it’s helped 200+ clients combined keep over $1,000,000 in extra equity in their pockets (compared to old school commissions).

Of course, it’s up to you. We can tailor your fees in several different ways to suit your needs. You can choose traditional commission – which will leave the least in your pocket. A professional service fee structure, which will leave you the most. Or a combination. The main thing is that you now have transparent choices.