The Common Sense Approach to Sell Real Estate


How 120 Pioneering Sellers Netted an Extra $580,715 by Rejecting the Traditional Real Estate Approach.

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About the Book

Does the traditional real estate industry give you what you want?

Can you trust it to act in your best interests?

Are the commissions fair for the services provided?

Unfortunately for the majority of sellers, the answer to those questions is a resounding “NO”. So reject the hype and gimmicks pitched by the traditional industry and have a good look at how it really works. Let’s state outright, what we all know to be true but have failed to do anything about: There is a force in real estate constantly working against us. Robbing you of your trust and equity, and agents of their dignity. Lets name that force, accept it as our enemy and look at how 120 pioneering home sellers have overcome it.