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This Model Is Generating Thousands (Often Tens Of Thousands) In Extra Equity For Almost Every Seller Who Uses It

From: Carl Slade

Founder Of Restate Ltd

If you’re serious about selling but are disturbed by how much of your equity typical real estate agents take, this could be a game-changer for you.

With it, you will end up with substantially more in your pocket. Just like the Stevenson’s and many other clients…

How are all these people selling for higher prices AND saving thousands in fees?

Because that seems like a paradox, right? 

It sounds too good to be true.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that lower cost means lower quality. And the real estate industry wants you to keep believing it. Believing that if agents “Discount” their commission, they are either…


Who wants a desperate salesperson handling the sale of your largest asset?

Must Give Poorer Service:

Maybe you’ve heard the misleading saying “Pay peanuts – get monkeys”.

Get A Lower Price:

The classic manipulative script for this is: “If they discount their commission, what will they do with your sale price”

The thing is…



It’s not taking the old way of doing things and simply slashing the % rate. (Which would lead to desperation, less professionalism and corner-cutting).

This is not that.

It’s a DIFFERENT model.

A more efficient process that cuts out the massive wastage and inefficiencies in that old system.

A bit like the steel industry back in the industrial era. Where a new process was discovered that not only massively reduced the production costs, it also increased the quality of the steel. It wasn’t cutting essential ingredients to produce “cheap” steel…

It was a breakthrough – giving those who used it an early advantage over those who didn’t.

Now there is a similar breakthrough for selling your property.

So What Exactly Is This Breakthrough?

The pivotal point was the realisation that the world has changed – along with what you need and want from us as your real estate agent.

We’re no longer in the times the real estate industry was designed for.

We acknowledged that our industry’s traditional business model is obsolete and totally out of touch with your needs in today’s world.

Just look at what it’s turned into. What our industry has become known for… 

One of the worlds lowest-rated industries for ethics and professionalism
In addition to its negative reputation, in consumers eyes… 
The commissions are excessive (for the value provided)

You’re not alone if you feel you’re paying a big chunk of your equity to an industry whose motives are questionable…

As a 3rd generation agent, all of that was hard to admit. Let alone say out loud.

It was clearly time for a rethink

We asked: How can we…

  1. Raise professionalism and the quality of service for our clients?
  2. Consistently help you achieve a superior sale price?
  3. Significantly reduce your selling costs?

Realising it was impossible to achieve with that old model, we went back to the drawing board.

Like many breakthroughs, the answer, once it dawned on us, was profoundly simple…

What if we redefined what it meant to be a real estate agent?

What if we stopped seeing ourselves as “Salespeople” (Talking you into what enables us to get a commission)… and instead, redefined our role as “Professionals” (Protecting and serving our clients best interests)?

That’s where our name ‘Restate’ came from. In a nutshell, we: 

Restated real estate as a Professional Service

Fundamentally changing our core purpose from selling you to serving you. 

From focussing on getting our commission… to a relentless focus on maximising your net sale proceeds.

But enough about us. Let’s get back to why you’re here…

What Needs To Happen For You To Extract Every Last $$ From Your Sale – Leaving None Of Your Equity Behind?

There are three essential parts – based on this universal formula:

(Your Sale Price) LESS (Your Selling Costs) EQUALS (How Much You Get To keep).

Not exactly a new concept, right?

But, it’s incredible how it slips so many peoples minds when it comes to selling what’s often their most significant asset.

So if you’re concerned with getting your PROFIT as large as possible, here is what needs to happen…

  1. Maximise Your Sale Price
  2. Minimise Your Selling Expenses
  3. Avoid Costly Mistakes and Traps.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of those…

Part 1: How To Maximise Your Sale Price

Achieving a premium price for your property is not about what many sellers think. 

There’s a lot of misinformation out there. 

Frankly, as an insider, I can tell you there’s plenty of tactics and methods used by my industry (to secure a commission) that actually REDUCE your sale price… 

‘Auctions’ are a classic example – while agents love them, they’re an almost certain way to sell for less than you could have.

Achieving top dollar is also not a matter of luck. It can be engineered. 

So we’ve documented a start-to-finish process based on evidence, common sense and strategies proven to extract the highest possible price from the market.

There are five critical steps to maximising your sale price, starting with your pre-market preparation. 

The exciting thing is that you are in control of most of them. You, as the seller, have more power to affect your outcome than you realise.

If you understand and execute all of these steps, you will end up with a higher price than if you don’t. 100% Guaranteed.

For the sceptics amongst you – we understand.

Those are some pretty big claims made by a real estate agent:

“Steps proven to extract the highest possible price from the market.”

So here’s some proof – some key statistics. Over the last 300 transactions, on average, clients have achieved:

  • 99% of their top Appraisal Estimate.
  • 98.75% Of their Asking Price.
  • Higher average sale price above their current RV.

How does that compare with traditional agents?

Their clients’ results are not for us to disclose. I’ll just say that we’re more than happy to put our clients consistently better results up against any other real estate model in the world.

Still, don’t just take our word for it – listen to what our clients say:

Ok, so once you’ve maxed out your sale price, the next step to increase your bottom line is to…

Part 2: Minimise Your Selling Expenses

The trick is to reduce your expenses without negatively affecting your sale price.

There are several ways to do so…

The first is eliminating bloat.

In this regard, the mantra to remember is this…

Any expense that doesn’t add value

is eroding your profit.

Believe it or not, the real estate industry is bursting at the seams with bloat. It’s full of expenses, from top to bottom, that add ZERO value to you or your property.

Think of all the different people taking a slice of that big commission…

  • The pyramid scheme-like franchise head offices…
  • All the inefficient bricks and mortar local offices…
  • The salespeople (Who typically keep only around 40-50% of the commission you pay).
  • All the industry “bling” (slick listing folders, gimmicks & giveaways etc) that may look impressive but add ZERO value to your property…
  • Not to mention all the unnecessary and expensive advertising designed to promote how wonderful the rockstar salespeople are…

The list goes on and on. 

Who do you think is paying for all that?

Bottom line: They are all things that increase the overheads of running a typical real estate business. Keeping the need for charging you such high commissions.

So the first thing we did was identify and cut out all of that bloat.

If it doesn’t add value for you – it’s gone… 

  • No head franchise or branch office owners taking a slice… 
  • More efficient modern tech with centralised admin and backend processes …
  • No over the top bling, gimmicks or useless giveaways…

Which enables us to operate a much more efficient business. Giving us the ability to reduce your fees – without negatively affecting our quality of service.

The next breakthrough in reducing your selling costs was to rethink the fee structure.

Because it’s impossible to reduce your selling fees with traditional % based commissions.

Think about it. 

With a fee – based solely on the value of your property, how can you increase your sale price and reduce your fees? 

You can’t.

The only supposed benefit of traditional commissions is they are what’s called ‘Contingent’ or ‘No Sale No Fee. ‘ 

Meaning if for whatever reason you change your mind or decide not to sell, then you pay nothing for all the work and expenses incurred on your behalf.

Of course, that’s another reason why commissions need to be so high when you do sell:

The agent carries all your risk. Often losing time, effort and money working for people who ultimately chose not to sell. 

Therefore, the commissions from those who sell must be high enough to offset the losses from those who don’t.

It’s like robbing Peter to pay for Paul

You are effectively paying extra to subsidise the work the industry wastes working for non-sellers.

Good for the non-sellers. Not so great for you vast majority of actual sellers.

And it doesn’t take many non-payers to increase the cost to the rest of you massively…

In the real estate industry, it averages about 70/30. Meaning for every 10 listings agents work on: 7 sell — 3 don’t. They do ten times the work but only get paid by seven.

Simple maths dictates that the sellers must pay 42% extra to subsidise the freeloaders.

But that’s not all…

Percentage commissions are also ‘Bundled’ (lumped together rather than individually itemised) so you often pay for work and expenses you don’t need.

Built into the ‘one size fits all’ commission is the contingency that they may need to market and work on selling your property for three months. Yet, if you sell in a week, you’re still paying for three months…

Big win for the agent – a significant loss for you.

So even when your home sells quickly – with very little work and marketing needed by your agent… you still have to pay the same high fee as some other seller who needs 2 – 5x more work and outgoing costs.

How exactly is that fair? 


Commissions are like CAPITAL GAINS TAX

If you own a higher-valued property, you pay more than sellers with a cheaper property – for exactly the same service.

Is it harder or take more work to sell higher a valued property?

Of course not.

“The value of your property has absolutely nothing to do with the work and outgoing costs required to help you sell it.”

Would you pay your Solicitor based on the value of your property – rather than the actual work done on your behalf? 

If you invest time, effort and $$ renovating your property – increasing its value – how does the salesperson deserve more?

What value have they added to justify taking more of the equity YOU created?

One more thing to consider…

And I think this is the most profound understanding of all…

Percentage based commissions ignore the most critical factor that determines the outcome of your sale…


Not your property…

Not the market…

Not the agent…

Not the buyers.


The decisions you make about your sale:

– How you choose to prepare your home

– Where you decide to price your home

– Which method of sale you select

– Who you engage to represent you

– How you choose to compensate them…

Are all your decisions, and will have the most significant effect on your final outcome.

You are in control. You are responsible for your sale.

However, even when you get all of that right, even when (because of you) your home sells easily… percentage commissions remove your ability to affect your net sale proceeds. You can’t reduce your selling fees with your own smarter decisions and actions.

If anything, it punishes you for making smarter decisions.

Why should you pay extra just because your home is worth more?

Why should you pay the same fee as somebody else who needs 3-5 times more work by the agent?

Why should you pay extra to subsidise people who overprice, present poorly, wallow on the market, or change their mind and choose not to sell?


A transparent, itemised and professional fee structure – based on the expertise, actual work and outgoing costs required to serve only you.

Which gives you the ability to reduce your selling expenses because:

  • You are not subsidising work done for other people.
  • You don’t pay way more just because your property is worth more.
  • The easier your property sells = less work & outgoing costs needed on your behalf = lower fees.

And since premium prices are usually achieved earlier, rather than later in your campaign – you’re also selling for a better price.

Higher Price and Fairer Fees = Highest Net Sale Proceeds

Which is what we are about: Leaving more in your pocket than you would have had without us.

So far, in fees alone, hundreds of clients have saved an average of 36% off traditional commissions.

Do you want those extra funds in your pocket, or somebody else’s?

As they say, a dollar saved is equivalent to three dollars earned…

How long would it usually take you to save that much?

Which is what we are about: Leaving more in your pocket than you would have had without us.

So far, in fees alone, hundreds of clients have saved an average of 36% off traditional commissions.

Do you want those extra funds in your pocket, or somebody else’s?

As they say, a dollar saved is equivalent to three dollars earned…

How long would it usually take you to save that much?

But what if our property doesn’t sell – will we still have to pay fees?

It depends. It’s up to you. You have choices. 

However, before we explain those choices, the first thing to ask yourself is this:

Why wouldn’t it sell?

If you’re worried that maybe we are not very good at helping our clients actually sell, then consider this…

Remember how typically agents only sell 70% of the properties they bring to market…

Over the last 5 years of perfecting this model, of the clients who have engaged us to help them…

98.5% of them have sold…

and all of those have banked more than if they had engaged us on that old model…

So you could say, you’re much more likely to sell with us than typical agents.

However, like everything in life, nothing is perfect. Pure Professional Service based fees are the flip side of commission-only (and all the problems commission-only creates). 

With pure professional fees, you are not paying for a ‘sale’ (a result that only you can control). Instead, you are paying for ‘advice and services’ to help you maximise your net sale proceeds—big difference.

Just like if you go to your Solicitor for legal advice, then later choose not to follow that advice – you still compensate them for their advice and expenses incurred on your behalf. 

No different from any other service provider. Let’s say you get a builder to add a bedroom onto your home. Then, after the job is completed, you decide you no longer want the extra room. You’d still expect to pay for the work completed. Right? 

What about your Chiropractor, would you expect them to work on your sore back for six weeks, then not pay them? And what if they did work contingently? Imagine how much extra they’d need to charge the paying clients to cover the cost of those who chose not to pay? 

Yes, I know this is a different way of thinking for the real estate industry, but it’s how every other respected profession works. It’s the most proven, efficient, and trusted model in existence. 

It also encourages you to consider more seriously what you want in the first place… 

To be more careful in selecting who you engage to serve you. You are likely to do more homework beforehand, making sure you are 100% comfortable, knowing we are the best you can have working on your behalf. 

Higher Trust 

Ironically, engaging us on a Professional Service basis (that ultimately helps you bank more) takes a considerably higher level of trust in our integrity, and belief in our ability…

While the commission-only model: creates a conflict of interest and strips so much more of your equity than is needed…

Money that could be better used on a family holiday, your children’s education or simply less debt.

Ponder this: 

If you don’t trust or value our expertise enough to at least fairly reimburse us for the advice, work and expenses incurred on your behalf… 

Why on earth would you engage us in the first place – let alone allow us to take a large percentage of your properties value? 

With all that said…

It’s up to you. You can choose from several fee structures…

Option 1: Contingent No Sale No Fee:
Here you pay nothing unless you sell. However, because you carry zero risk for your own decisions – it will cost you the most when you do sell.
Option 2: Pure Professional Service:
Which will leave you with the most in your pocket. 
Option 3: A Combination Of Both…

The point is, rather than the cookie-cutter ‘one size fits all’ % commissions, we can structure your fees in several different ways depending on your personal situation and circumstances.

Regardless of which structure you choose – they will all leave more in your pocket than a traditional % commission (GUARANTEED)

Because they are all based on the work needed on your behalf. Rather than a percentage of the value of your property.

Finally, if you’re serious about banking the most, there’s one more critical step:

Part 3: Avoid Costly Mistakes and Traps

The biggest losses we see home sellers suffer are due to costly mistakes and traps.

A ‘costly mistake’ is anything that needlessly reduces your sale price; increases your selling expenses; or both.

Falling for them is like throwing your equity away – leaving less in your pocket.

Sadly, they’re often what we call ‘hidden losses’ (sellers don’t even realise they’ve dropped tens of thousands of dollars).

So avoiding mistakes and traps is really about PROTECTING your equity from being needlessly eroded.

Obviously, your best protection is to avoid them in the first place. But that’s hard to do if you are unaware of them.

Which is why in other high stakes situations, we tend to engage the services of a professional. An expert – guiding us through the minefield – looking out for our best interests…

The problem is:

That traditional real estate industry was not designed to operate as a “profession”. It’s a commission-driven sales industry.

So it may not be surprising to learn that many of these costly traps are set by the same industry you are supposedly engaging to serve your best interests.

If I had to pick just one thing that causes home sellers the most harm, it would be this…

Being naive about how the real estate industry works behind the scenes.

The reality is that most people only sell one or two properties in a lifetime, therefore can’t reasonably be expected to know all the inside tricks and traps.

This is where the saying ‘Knowledge is power’ rings so true. If you are aware of traps, you are less likely to fall for them.

Which brings us right back to our foundational shift in our business model, mindset and mission:

“To protect and serve your best interests while leaving you better off than you would have been without us”

Which means one of our key functions is to protect you from costly mistakes and traps…

To use our inside experience to YOUR advantage…

To empower you with knowledge so you can make smarter more informed decisions for yourself and your family.

So, if keeping more of your hard-earned equity sounds like you and you’d like some help – simply book in an initial consultation.

There is zero cost involved and no obligation (on either of us) for you to become a client. 

It’s just an opportunity for us to discuss your needs and discover if we are the best fit to help you. 

If not, no harm. At least you’ll be more aware of your options and what you can do to end up with more in your pocket.

We’ll even leave you a complimentary copy of our book – which goes into even more detail of the steps described on this page.

Alternatively, if you’re the type of person who likes to invest in gaining the knowledge to help yourself – check out our Home Sellers Seminar. Even if you sell privately or decide to engage a traditional agent, it will help you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

Like I said at the beginning….

This will be a game-changer for you.

Kind regards,

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end, here’s the deal:

If you are genuine about selling and serious about ending up with the most possible in your hand… this is for you.

We’ve developed a model that’s helping our clients achieve premium prices while also saving thousands in fees. 

Higher Sale Price and Fairer Fees = More in your pocket.

There’s no catch… no gimmicks. Just genuine common sense and evidence-based advice.

Plain and simple…

You either want: to maximise your profit and would like some help doing it. Or you’re happy to stick with the status quo and end up with less than you could have…

It’s your choice…

After all, it’s your property and your equity we are talking about here…

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