How to
KEEP the most
From the sale of your property
The purpose of this video series is to help you keep more of your equity where it belongs.
Regardless of which agent you choose or even if you sell your property yourself, either way it will help you end up with more in your pocket – or your money back.
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Course Outline:


Including the two reasons most home sellers end up with thousands less than they could have.


Avoid Costly Mistakes & Traps
Anything that needlessly reduces your sale price and/or increases your selling expenses is like throwing your money away. So more than anything this is about Protecting your equity.

Your best protection is to simply avoid them. But to do that first you need to be aware of them. So part one focusses on empowering you by opening your eyes to how the industry works behind the scenes.

Above all, this video seeks to empower you to stop being a victim of the status quo & take control of your sale back into your own hands.
We directly address The TWO BIGGEST problems with the real estate industry and open your eyes to the root cause.
Most people believe that an agents job is to ‘Sell’ their property. They think the ‘Sale’ in real estate is convincing buyers to their property. It’s NOT.
Free Market Appraisals are the start of a real estate salespersons ‘Sales Funnel’.
We go deep into the reality of ‘Value’ and explore your options for getting a reliable estimate.
Real estate advertising is one of those subjects with a lot of misinformation flying around. It’s also where massive amounts of (your) money are wasted.
If you think that some agents have ‘more buyers’ than other agents? Think again… 
Typical real estate negotiations is where many sellers – without knowing it – leave thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of their equity behind.
One thing is for sure: when it comes to consumers views on real estate agents, the excessive commissions are a major issue. But very few people understand why they need to be so high. Here we discuss the three main reasons:
(a) Sellers Subsidize Non-Sellers
(b) Prospecting
It’s estimated that real estate salespeople spend over 64% of their working week prospecting for businessOn top of that, the industry puts a price on your head with referral fees (kickbacks) to other agents and lead generation outfits. In this video we share a simple strategy that will instantly reduce the commission on your sale by up to 25% – saving you thousands.
(c) Bloated Industry

In the last decade real estate values – and therefore commissions – have risen by close to 50%. Does it take any more work to sell your home?Has the industry added any value to justify their bigger fees?
Here’s a quote from one industry commentator: “The industry protects the model and the consumer pays – heavily”

We share the story of four home-sellers and how the traditional industry model treats them. How it punishes it’s dream clients with a model that subsidises the others.
The heading says it all. For the quickstarts amongst you – here’s a five minute summary of the entire first module.
If you don’t end up at least $2,000 better off from the sale of your property as a direct result of the knowledge gained in this course…

I’ll give your money back.

Carl Pic July 19
Carl is a 3rd generation agent with over 25yrs personal experience. One day he woke up to how his industry is broken – needlessly stripping you of equity & agents of respect. So he founded Restate and pioneered a new approach. It’s now been proven with the help of hundreds of clients and almost every single time it’s outperformed the status quo on the metric that counts: $$ left in your pocket.

Bottom line: Clients are now selling quicker, for higher prices and less fees.

Now we’re sharing it with the world so even home-sellers outside of our market area can help themselves with this knowledge.

Beryl & Bob
Not only did we get $53,000 more than we were happy to accept, we also saved close to $7,000 in fees – Beryl & Bob
Luscombe webpage
Bottom line – we sold for $7,000 over asking price and saved $9,877 in fees – Ross & Delwyn
Great Value For Money
We’re first time home sellers, I found the course eye opening and inspiring. It’s given me much more of an idea about pricing my home and how to handle negotiations, marketing and questioning the current model. – Sophie


How to Maximise Your Sale Price

Forget the hype, gimmicks and inflated promises. We take you through what’s really important. The proven steps you can follow to ensure you don’t undersell & give yourself the best chance of achieving a premium.

There are lots of things that effect your final sale price. Many of which are outside of your control. So lets focus on what you can control.
I’m not for a second going to try and talk you out of selling privately. Sometimes it’s your best option.
If you do want the services of a real estate agent – here are some very important things to consider before you hire one.
Pre market preparation is one of the most important steps (if you want to maximise your price) and has two parts:
(a) Presentation
(b) Remove Roadblocks
(a) Your Game Plan
(b) Buy or Sell First?
(a) Method Of Sale
(b) No Price Marketing
(c) The Principles Of Price
(d) The Truth About Auctions
(e) Price Dangers
(f) The Three Outcomes
(g) Methods Overview
(h) The Ideal Scenario
(a) Smart Marketing
(b) Key Understandings
(c) What’s Really Important
(a) By Appointment vs Open Homes
(b) How Buyers Questions Are Answered
The whole point of being on the market is getting to the point where a genuine buyer wants to own your property. It’s critical the negotiations are handled correctly.
What if your property is not selling? Minimising the chances of your offer falling over etc
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$500 Fee Rebate
If you choose to engage our services to help you sell – you will receive an instant $500 rebate off our selling fees.


How to Minimise Your Expenses

Once you’ve Avoided Mistakes and Maximised Your Sale Price, the only other way to increase what’s left in your hand, is to reduce your selling expenses. But it’s impossible to do with traditional commissions.

Any expense that doesn’t add value is eroding your profit.
Many people think they are winning if they get an agent to discount their commission % – often this is a trap.
How you can increase your sale price while also significantly reducing your selling expenses.
Here we open your eyes to the the true costs of helping you sell.
Here we share the fairest real estate fee structure on the planet. One that has helped hundreds of clients achieve superior outcomes.
Like anything in life – nothing is perfect. In this lesson we point out the downside of a Professional Fee Structure.
Understand there is a big difference between ‘Time on market’ and ‘work done on your behalf’.
You are the boss. You are the employer. So take control of your sale and engage an agent on your terms.
In this lesson we break down in detail a fee worksheet – so you can see exactly how much better off you will be.


Summary Of The Entire Seminar
Personal Consultation
If you’d prefer to talk one-on-one, simply schedule an obligation-free consultation below or give us a call on 0800 688902
We were a bit skeptical at the start but are now 110% behind Restate. A new model that other real estate agents should grab hold of. We saved $6,109 –  Peter