Goodbye Salesperson

Hello Professional

It’s an unfortunate truth.

Real estate has always operated as a commission-driven sales industry. This foundation is responsible for creating the industry you experience today. It’s why traditional commissions are so needlessly high and the industry’s reputation is so low.


We wanted to create an industry that is better for us all.

One that’s more professional and efficient. Puts the interests of its clients above all else and adds genuine value to those it serves. An industry you can trust and we, as agents, are proud to be a part of.


We asked ourselves:

How can we raise professionalism, consistently help clients achieve a superior sale price, while also reducing their selling costs?

Realising this was impossible to achieve with the traditional operating system. The solution was to go back to the drawing board and developed a new model.

In short, we restated real estate as a Professional Service – more like how you’d expect your lawyer, doctor or any other professional consultant to operate.


This new foundation has changed everything about how we work for you…

Our culture, the relationship with our clients, how we act, the advice we offer, the choice of strategies, how we can structure our fees… The lot.

Ultimately it’s enabled us to help clients in ways we never could before. Empowering them to beat the system and bank substantially more from their sale.


Our clients’ success is our success.

Our plan is profoundly simple: Help our clients achieve superior results and the rest takes care of itself.

At Restate we dedicate our time and effort to helping our clients, then let their results speak for us.

Our Purpose
To elevate real estate to a respected profession.
Our Mission
Protecting our clients while helping them bank the most.
Our Vision
Restate real estate as a ‘Professional Service’.

Our Core Values:


We believe you are a client to be protected. Not a prospect to be stalked, a lead to be converted, a listing target or a commission cheque to be closed. First and foremost, we are here to protect you from costly mistakes and traps. The best protection is to avoid them in the first place.

Questions are at the heart of professionalism. Just like your doctor must first diagnose before they prescribe – we must also fully understand your situation before we can recommend your best course of action. We believe that prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

Secondly: We question the ‘status quo’, the way our industry traditionally works. Just because it’s always done it that way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way.  The world has changed. We believe in innovation, improvement, in finding and developing better and more efficient ways for you, our clients.

We believe that the key to smarter decisions and superior outcomes is transparent choices. While a lack of choice keeps people stuck. A one size fit’s all approach is seldom the best for anyone. The fact is, each and every one of you has unique circumstances and a unique property. We figure you deserve the ability to choose from a range of options, strategies & fee structures, enabling you to tailor the best solution for your individual needs.
We believe you engage us to use our knowledge and experience to your advantage. This points to the primary difference between a sales culture and a professional one. A salespersons function is to persuade, convince, coax you into doing what enables them to reach their targets and get a commission. The agenda is to influence your decisions in their own favour.

As professionals, our agenda is to advise, recommend, coach and guide – empowering you to make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

‘Without you to serve, we wouldn’t exist.’ Once we fully understand your personal situation, have given you transparent choices and made recommendations as to your best course of action (if any), our duty is to then act on your behalf. To follow through on your instructions to the best of our ability. To at all times serve your best interests.
Add Value
We believe one of our key functions is to leave more in your pocket than you would’ve had without us. So whether you need full-service sale of your home, assistance negotiating with a private buyer, or just some one-off professional advice, our job is to act and advise in the most efficient way possible for you.

Being known to help you keep the most, is a reputation we’ve worked hard to earn and are passionate about keeping. If we genuinely can’t create value, then we will advise you so up front.

Dale & Tina banked
more than if they had followed the traditional approach.

“Restate’s new model of selling real estate has proven to be a fantastic new concept and a complete success for us. When you’re ready to sell your home there’s no doubt you should give Restate a call first, if you’re serious about keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket.”