We don’t SELL your property.


We’re here to maximise your sale price and minimise your selling costs.

Leaving more in your pocket.

We’ve Restated Real Estate.

Because we both deserve better.

You deserve a straight-talking professional: Protecting your best interests & ensuring you end up with the most in your hand.

And we deserve an industry we’re proud to be a part of because it lives up to what you deserve.

So we rejected the ‘Commission-Only Sales Culture’ and restated real estate as a ‘Professional Service’.

Which simply changes everything.

Now we can: 

  • Put your best interests front and centre… 
  • Maximise your sale price with proven strategies… 

While at the same time…

  • Reduce your selling costs with fairer fees.

With the help of over 250 clients, we’ve tested it. And in almost every single case it’s outperformed the traditional model on the metric that counts:

Dollars left in your pocket.

kay & neville

“It wasn’t just the huge savings in commission we knew we would be making, it was also their outstanding professionalism and their sage advice.”

Neville & Kay
Bidwill New Slider

“Not only did we get $53,000 more than we were happy to accept, Restate saved us close to $7,000 in fees.”

Beryl & Bob
Daniel & Jess 2

“The result speaks for itself with our home selling for $11,000 over asking price and saving $4,800 on our fees.”

Jess & Dan

“Restate’s new system of selling has proven to be a fantastic concept & complete success for us (Kept an extra $8,910).”

Dale & Tina