We Challenged the Status Quo.

Because You Deserve Better.

Real estate agents are rarely referred to as ‘Trusted’ or ‘Good Value’. So we developed a new approach. One that’s not only more professionalbut also more efficient – increasing what’s left in your pocket.

It’s a breakthrough – helping clients bank thousands more.

Easy to read

In a few hours reading, you’ll be aware of the truth and ready to increase your home sale profit.

Guided Execution

Certified agents to help you implement the approach outlined in the book, assuring you bank the most.

Well Proven

The superior results achieved by those following The Common Sense Approach, is not the result of luck.

Smart. Tested. Proven.

“The result speaks for itself – with our home selling for $11,000 over asking price & saving $4,800 on our fees.”

Dan & Jess

There’s just THREE Pillars to Maximising Your Profit:
Avoid Costly Mistakes

The biggest losses sellers suffer, are due to fundamental mistakes and traps. Sometimes they reduce your selling price, sometimes they increase your selling costs. Sometimes both. But either way, they strip your equity, leaving you less in your pocket. Sadly, many of them are laid by the traditional real estate industry, and they’re often ‘hidden losses’ – meaning you don’t even realise you’ve dropped tens of thousands of dollars.

Your best protection is to avoid them in the first place. But first you need to be aware of them. Which is why we wrote the book – To open your eyes. In it we expose 24 Real Estate Truths about how the traditional real estate industry works behind the scenes.

Increase Your Sale Price
There are lots of things that affect your final price. Many – like the economic climate, number of buyers in the market and amount of competition – are outside of your control.  There are however five key areas you can control, that will impact the price you achieve.

The choices you make about your home sale, how you choose to prepare your home, how you choose to price your home, which overall strategy you choose and who you choose to represent you, are yours. We suggest that, if maximum profit is a priority, then do as much research as you possibly can. It’s this willingness to do so that sets our clients and their results, apart.

Reduce Your Selling Costs
Once you’ve avoided costly mistakes and done everything possible to maximise your sale price, the only other way to increase what you’re left with… is to reduce your expenses. 

The problem is, traditional commissions give you no way of doing that. The value of your property has nothing to do with the amount of work involved in facilitating the sale. Yet if your property sells easily (with little work or outgoing costs for the agent), you still have to pay the same full commission as the seller down the road who wallowed on the market for six months (needing 3 – 4 times as much work for the agent).

Further, if you’re a $400,000 seller, you pay twice as much as your friend across town selling a $200,000 property. It doesn’t make sense, unless you believe that just because your property is worth more, you should pay more for the same service.

We give you the choice of modern, more efficient, and much fairer fee structures – where the easier your property sells, the less you pay.

Here’s how it worked for Beryl & Bob

“We are still in shock. Sombody was watching over us. Not only did we get $53,000 more than we were happy to accept, Restate also saved us close to $7,000 in fees. We are absolutely delighted and can only praise and endorse the enthusiasm, care and attention we received from the whole team at Restate.”

The Story Behind The Approach
The approach outlined in this book was inspired by respected professions throughout the world. Think doctors, surgeons, accountants, lawyers and the like.

Their key function is to protect and help those they serve. They understand their clients are relying upon them. So operate to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism – never doing anything that could erode the foundation of their client relationship (TRUST). They use their specialist knowledge and skills to the clients advantage – ensuring the client receives the best possible outcome. For obvious reasons, this kind of professionalism is attractive. To know your service provider will do the very best by you, relieves much stress and worry.

The question was asked, ‘Why does nothing like this exist in real estate?’

Instead, the real estate industry is based on a ‘commission-only’ sales culture  – rife with questionable ethics and self-interest. And the commissions are based upon the value of your property, which is totally unrelated to the actual work involved in facilitating the sale.

If trusted professions can operate with a professional service culture, then why couldn’t a similar approach be created for real estate?

Do homeowners not deserve to know that the agent has their best interests at heart?

Do they not deserve to bank the most profit possible?

This led to a massive amount of research and a total re-think of how the real estate industry works. How could we raise professionalism and at the same time create more value for our clients?

The next logical question, “Based on a professional service culture, could we devise an approach for real estate that could consistently create superior results for our clients?” That is to say, “Consistently sell homes at a higher price point, while at the same time reducing the clients costs, to maximise their profit.”

If this were possible, then homeowners could have total and complete confidence that not only would their interests be protected, but they will also net the most possible from their sale.

The end result of that research and testing is this approach – now proven by 200+ home sellers who have, on average, netted an extra $4,800 each compared to the traditional way.