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Keeping the most from your sale is about just three things…
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The result speaks for itself with our home selling for $11,000 over asking price and saving $4,800 on our fees – Jess & Dan
1. Avoid Costly Mistakes

Anything that needlessly reduces your sale price and/or increases your selling expenses is like throwing your money away... (read more)

So avoiding mistakes is really about Protecting your equity.

The best protection is to simply avoid mistakes and traps in the first place. But first, you need to be aware of them.

Which is why in other ‘high stakes’ situations we often choose to engage the services of an expert. A Professional guiding us through the minefield, looking out for our best interests and helping us make more informed decisions.

The Problem:

Traditionally real estate does not operate as a Profession. It’s a Commission-driven Sales industry.

It’s time that changed.

So we restated real estate as a ‘Professional Service’ and created a no-nonsense guide to help open your eyes. In it, we pull back the curtain to expose how the industry works – giving you a much better chance of beating the odds (even if you never engage us to act on your behalf).

2. Maximise Your Price

There are lots of things that affect your final price. Many, like the economic climate are outside of your control. However, there is a lot you can control... (read more)

The Problem:

Many of the methods, systems and tactics used by the sales industry to secure a commission, can actually reduce your final sale price.

So we take you through what’s really important. A process that, if followed and well executed, will ensure you don’t undersell & give you the best chance of achieving a premium.

3. Minimise Your Costs

Other than avoiding mistakes and maximising your sale price, the only other way to increase what's left in your hand, is to reduce your selling expenses... (read more)

The Problem:

Traditional commissions are both ‘bundled’ and based on the value of your property.  Which removes your power of choice, along with your ability to reduce your selling costs with your own smart decisions and actions.

We share a breakthrough solution. Showing how you can take control of your sale and engage an agent on your terms. In a way that’s not only fairer but much more efficient, leaving substantially more in your pocket.

That’s it.

Avoid traps that needlessly rob your equity, achieve the highest sale price possible, while also keeping your selling expenses as low as possible = the most in your hand.

But the way our industry traditionally operates made it impossible for us to help you achieve all three.

So we developed a new approach that does.

Now proven by over 250 sellers. And in almost every single case it’s outperformed the old model on the metric that counts:

Dollars left in their pocket.

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Tazmin & Brad

When Selling My Property I Want To End Up With The Most In My Hand

And founded Restate because I rekon you may want the same.