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Discover the approach 200+ home-sellers have engaged to beat the system – banking substantially more from their sale.

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The Story Behind The Approach

The approach outlined in this booklet was inspired by respected professions throughout the world. Think doctors, surgeons, accountants, lawyers and the like.

Their key function is to protect and help those they serve.

They understand their clients are relying on them. So operate to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism – never doing anything that could erode the foundation of their client relationship (TRUST).

They use their specialist knowledge and skills to the clients’ advantage – ensuring the client receives the best possible outcome.

For obvious reasons, this kind of professionalism is attractive. To know your service provider will do the very best by you relieves much stress and worry.

The question was asked, ‘Why does nothing like this exist in real estate?’

Instead, the real estate industry is based on a ‘commission-driven’ sales culture. And the commissions are based upon the value of your property, which is totally unrelated to the actual work involved in helping you sell.

If trusted professions can put their client’s interests ahead of their own. If they can operate with a professional service culture, then why couldn’t a similar approach be created for real estate?

Do homeowners not deserve to know that the agent has their best interests at heart?

Do they not deserve to bank the most profit possible?

This led to a massive amount of research and a total re-think of how the real estate industry works.

How could we raise professionalism and at the same time make fees more efficient for our clients?

The next logical question…

“Based on a professional service culture, could we devise an approach for real estate that could consistently create superior results for our clients?”

That is to say, “Consistently sell homes at a higher price point, while at the same time reducing the clients’ costs, to maximise their profit.”

If this were possible, then homeowners could have total and complete confidence that not only would their interests be protected, but they will also net the most possible from their sale.

The end result of that research and testing is this approach – now proven by 200+ home sellers who have achieved the highest sale price possible while also keeping considerably more from their sale compared to the traditional way.