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“Get an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis

to determine the best prescription

to maximise your home sale profit.”

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The bottom line is: the choices you make about your home sale – how you choose to prepare your home, how you choose to price your home, which overall strategy you choose, who you choose to represent you and which fee structure you choose – are yours.

We suggest that, if maximum profit is a priority, then do as much research as you possibly can. It’s this willingness to do so, that sets our clients and their results, apart, from the results of the average homeowner with the traditional industry approach.

If you are like most home owners, and hate listing presentations, those empty sales pitches that include a salesperson coming to your house, sitting at your kitchen table, talking you into what’s best for them, followed by attempts to close for your signature to lock you into a long term agency agreement – then we believe you will find The Common Sense Approach refreshingly different.

It’s not pushy. It’s more transparent. It gives you choices, but more important, it’s proven to get our clients better results.

So if you’re the type of person who appreciates the truth and want a professional on your team, the process starts with a Real Estate Consultation. There is no cost for this initial consultation, nor is there any obligation to become a client. Not on our part or yours. It’s simply an opportunity to discover your needs and determine if our approach is a good fit for you. If not, no harm; at least you will be armed with the truth. And the promise from us – there will be no gimmicks, sales pitch or pressure, and definitely no corny closes. Just genuine advice.

Regardless of what anyone says, the true secret in achieving a successful home sale, not to mention, success in life and in your finances, is being informed.

Michael banked

more than if they had

followed the traditional approach.

“What a great experience it was selling a house with Restate. My view of real estate agents has now changed for the better.”