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"We are still in shock. Not only did
we get $53,000 more than were
happy to accept, Restate saved
us close to $7,000 in fees."

Bob & Beryl
banked an extra $6,901

"It wasn't just the huge savings in
commission we knew we would be
making, it was also their
outstanding professionalism &
their sage advice."

Neville & Kay
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"The team were all very
professional to work with & kept
me informed through the process.
I would definitely recommend them
to anyone considering selling."

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"The key was their model and
philosophy. How confidential the
team were was outstanding & the
fees were close to half what we
would have paid a traditional agent."

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"Restate's fee structure was the
deal breaker for us. It was just
common sense to pay for a
professional service, rather than
a flat commission rate."

Bob & Ali
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