We’ve restated real estate

as a ‘Professional Service’.

Which changes everything!
We’re working for you, not a commission.

And it’s super efficient.

Leaving more in your pocket.

The Vision

To elevate real estate into a respected profession. One you can trust & we’re proud to be a part of.

The Mission

To protect and serve your best interests, while helping you bank the most profit from your sale.

The Approach

It’s called ‘The Common Sense Approach’ and it’s proven to help you bank more.

"We are still in shock. Not only did
we get $53,000 more than were
happy to accept, Restate saved
us close to $7,000 in fees."

Bob & Beryl
banked an extra $6,901

"It wasn't just the huge savings in
commission we knew we would be
making, it was also their
outstanding professionalism &
their sage advice."

Neville & Kay
banked an extra $12,258

"The team were all very
professional to work with & kept
me informed through the process.
I would definitely recommend them
to anyone considering selling."

banked an extra $5,123

"The key was their model and
philosophy. How confidential the
team were was outstanding & the
fees were close to half what we
would have paid a traditional agent."

banked an extra $5,358

"Restate's fee structure was the
deal breaker for us. It was just
common sense to pay for a
professional service, rather than
a flat commission rate."

Bob & Ali
banked an extra $6,590