Real Estate Restated

We’ve all seen how the traditional industry works, with it’s questionable ethics and excessive commissions. We vowed to change it. Restate Ltd is the fulfilment of that promise.

The Vision

To elevate real estate into a respected profession – that clients trust & agents are proud to be a part of.

The Mission

To protect and serve our clients best interests, while helping them bank the most profit from their sale.

The Approach

It’s called The Common Sense Approach ™. And it’s the only standardised approach to extract max profit for clients.

The Common Sense Approach

How 120 Pioneering Sellers Netted an Extra $580,715 by Rejecting the Traditional Real Estate Approach

Banking the most profit from your sale

doesn’t involve hype & it’s not about gimmicks.

It’s about three things…

What We Stand For

Our core values are the solid foundation upon which the approach is built. The beliefs that guide our actions and enable the approach to achieve you superior results.

We: Protect, Question, Advise, Serve & Create Value

We Protect

In our eyes, you are a client to be protected. Not a prospect to be stalked. Not a lead to be converted or a listing target to be closed. So first and foremost, we are here to protect you from fundamental mistakes and traps. Unfortunately many of them are laid by the the traditional real estate industry. The best protection is to avoid them in the first place.

We Question

Questions are at the heart of professional consulting. Just like a doctor must first question before they can diagnose and finally prescribe, we must also fully understand your situation before we can recommend your best course of action. We believe that prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

Secondly: We question the ‘status quo’, the way our industry traditionally works. We believe in innovation, improvement, in finding and developing better and more efficient ways for you, our clients.

We Advise

We are here to use our knowledge and experience to your advantage. This points to a primary difference between a sales culture and a professional consultative one: A salespersons function is to persuade, convince, coax you into doing what enables them to get a commission. Their agenda is to influence your decisions in their favour. As professional consultants, our agenda is to advise, recommend, coach and guide – so you can make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

We Serve

Once we fully understand your personal situation and have made recommendations as to your best course of action – if any – our role is to then act on your behalf. To follow through on your decisions and instructions to the best of our ability. To at all times serve your best interests.

We Create Value

We believe you engage us to put more in your pocket than you would have had without us. Whether you need full service sale of your home, assistance negotiating with a private buyer, or just some one-off professional advice, our job function is to act and advise in the most efficient way possible for you. Being known to help you bank more is a reputation we’ve worked hard to earn and are passionate about keeping. So if we genuinely can’t create value, then we will advise you so.

Graeme & Kay saved $10,822

"We would recommend the Restate System
to anyone considering selling their property."

"It gave us increased confidence that the agent was indeed acting on behalf of the vendor...Our clients saved an estimated $8,800 in fees as well."

Quantum Advantage

"It was just common sense to pay for a professional service rather than a flat commission rate. This was followed up with professional & honest service, with frequent & open communication from the whole team at Restate”

Ali & Bob

"We sold our property for $7,000 over asking and saved $9,877 in fees - thanks Restate"

Ross & Delwyn

"After having various Real Estate agents around we decided to put our trust in Restate to sell our house.....we saved heaps in Real Estate fees and got a good price for our house."


"If you want to save some serious money I would highly recommend the Restate new model - you won't be disappointed. I saved $5,759 under their new way of marketing."


"We would recommend their new model to anyone, it's more transparent, you are more in control of the processing and the savings are significant compared to the traditional model”

Simon & Angela

"The price advantage was realised & we enjoy the fact that we have only paid for service required to sell our house. Nothing more, nothing less. The thing that really impressed us though, is the service & support.”


"Restate's flexible approach results in a more individualised plan when selling your property and a better sense of control over the process."

Ross & Kit

"Restate had great options as to what method would work best for me to sell my home using the most cost effective method. Thanks Restate for a wonderful job well done, achieving great results for me.”


"When you're ready to sell your home there's no doubt you should give Restate a call first, if you're serious about keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket. "

Dale & Tina

"They worked with us & put our interest at heart. It wasn't all about their own profile & them getting paid a huge commission. That's what we liked about this new model.....but also saved us $9,000 in fees”

Penny & Trevor

"With their new model, Restate saved us $1,440 compared to traditional fee structure. I would highly recommend the team at Restate if you are serious about selling your property.”

Andrea & Traceylee

"Adam worked very hard to achieve a sale & kept me well informed, he always had a smile & very positive throughout the whole process.....and saved $2,000 in fees.”

Leanne & Kevin Weastell

"Their new fee structure saved us $4,900 more than traditional fees. This meant we ended up with a bit extra & could comfortably buy our new home without touching our savings."

Frank & Val

"They offered advice when needed, kept us up to date with progress & guided us through the quick & efficient sale of the home."

The Bennewith Family

"What a great experience it was selling with Restate. My view of real estate agents has now changed for the better.”


"We have been very happy with the professionalism of Carl & his staff & are exceptionally happy with nearly $3,500 savings in fees."

Graham & Lyn

"This saved as $4,000 compared to the traditional model. We found them reliable and Adam kept us informed at all times."

Orcilla & Corrie

"I would highly recommend Restate, and they also saved me $1,937 compared to traditional fees"


"I am pleased to recognise the excellent service by Restate in selling our house and acknowledge their new approach to fees represented a saving in the order of $7500”

Jeremy & Ann

"We could see the benefit in their innovative new real estate model. Ultimately this saved us over $4000 compared to the traditional model”


"The property sold within the sales strategy time frame and we saved $2,689 by utilising the new fee model. ”


"We sold & went unconditional in 4 weeks. This saved us $7,000 - $10,000 on the traditional real estate model..."

Liz & Marty

"We had a fantastic time selling our property with Restate....they were open, straight forward & most importantly, honest.”

Annie & Brian

"We were impressed with a quick sale and saved $5,000 compared with traditional real estate fees..."

Pam & Murray

"With this new approach to the selling process we saved over $6,000!! We could not have asked for more when it came to being kept up..."


"The new marketing plan certainly worked for us and also saved us a considerable sum of money."

Mr & Mrs Millar

"Restate sold our home in 8 weeks which meant we had a saving of $11,280 on the commission."

Colin & Raewyn

"... A newer approach which I firmly believe is way fairer to both agent and vendor..."

Stephen & Sarah

"I've sold 8 houses to date through agents and you have been the best agency and I find your new model acceptable where as I normally find the traditional fee structures offensive"


"My son and I decided to go with the old model, we realise now that we could have saved over $3000 had we used the new model. We are still very happy with the quick result."

Mary & Mark

"... they helped us achieve a quick sale with maximum return... With their new fee structure they were also able to save us money in real estate fees..."


"I decided their new model to be a good opportunity to sell my property in the shortest possible time... As I had a tight budget it proved very successful, I saved $1,414”


"We were kept informed of the progress every step of the way even though we lived in W.A. By using their new structure we saved $3,500. We are very happy with the results.”

Shulay & Grant

"Thank you Liz & Adam for selling our house under Carl's (Restate) new structure. We saved enough to pay our solicitors fee for selling and buying our new home.”

Ewen & Gale

Our People:



Carl Slade


Liz Dunn


Adam Dufty


Amanda Gray


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